Results of the ÇEVKO Customer Satisfaction Survey 2016 Results of the ÇEVKO Customer Satisfaction Survey 2016

In order to find out the satisfaction level of the collaborating companies, ÇEVKO,  which has undertaken the responsibilities of many leading brands abroad and in Turkey regarding recycling from food to chemicals, had ZENNA Corporate Brand Management Research and Consulting carry out a survey.  ÇEVKO, as the authorized organization has been representing  for eleven years industrial corporations that launch packaging. The survey  which evaluated ÇEVKO’s business process, and the satisfaction of corporations with ÇEVKO was done via CAWI (Computer-assisted web-interviewing), in May and June 2016 and 94 firms represented by ÇEVKO participated. According to the survey results, which involved managers with 9 years of experience in the sector, 98% expressed satisfaction with the service ÇEVKO provided, 94%  pointed out that ÇEVKO was the best organization giving service in the area of responsibilities in the Management of Packaging Waste. The survey evaluated satisfaction in knowledge, contract, financial process, documentation, relations with authorities and meetings/training processes; and ÇEVKO raised its score from 88 to 95 and showed great achievement. In addition, 89% of the participants stated that they would recommend ÇEVKO, while 85% pointed out their desire to work with ÇEVKO.

A Complete Recycling with Zeliha Sunal in Bademli A Complete Recycling with Zeliha Sunal in Bademli

“Bademli Event Days”, organized in the famous Bademli District located in Dikili-İzmir and famous for its unique beaches, continued with various environmental events. The venue for the events which were put together with the Bademli District Authority and ÇEVKO Foundation was the old olive oil factory. Alongside the villagers of Bademli, Zeliha Sunal, a popular Turkish pop singer and a ÇEVKO volunteer; Yaşar Nadir Atilla, General Manager of ÇEVKO Foundation; Mehmet Şentürk, ÇEVKO Waste Management Specialist were present at the events. Zeliha Sunal, while entertaining with her performance also raised awareness on recycling. There was also a concert by the “Eskişehir Tepebaşı Ritim Band” of Tepebaşı cleaning  workers playing instruments made of tools used in their daily work.  

Recycling Projects From Our Municipalities Recycling Projects From Our Municipalities

Short notes on the recycling activities of the municipalities we are in collaboration with… Waste to Recycling in Bayraklı Within the project of collecting packaging and glass waste in order to prevent pollution, and contribute to the economy of the country through recycling, Bayraklı Municipality collected 3, 398 tons of waste in the first seven months of the year. Bayraklı Municipality, working in collaboration with ÇEVKO Foundation, has been successfully carrying out the project “Collecting Packaging Waste and Recycling”, contributes to the economy of the country as well as protecting nature and environment. Packaging waste such as newspapers, magazines, notebooks, books, and cardboard are regularly collected from the container boxes that have been placed in offices, factories, schools, public organizations, private and state hospitals, local authorities, housing sites and flats.   Also, waste glass bottles are collected in boxes on streets and taken for recycling. Bayraklı Municipality has recycled 2,074 tons of packaging waste, 1,324 tons of waste glass up to July of 2016. Thus, in total 3,398 tons of recycling has been achieved. Bayraklı Mayor, Hasan Karabağ pointed out that they also prevented environmental pollution by collecting packaging waste because “ we encourage people to put their packaging waste into our containers instead of throwing it away,” he said. He went on, “Our citizens can also put glass waste into our containers, and in this way we can keep our environment clean, contribute to our economy; and we will continue our works in order to leave a greener world to our children.”

Rio Olympics programme to recycle waste Rio Olympics programme to recycle waste

A waste picker programme has been launched for the Rio Olympics, thanks to a partnership between Brazilian waste pickers, Rio authorities and Coca-Cola. Waste picking has always been a common yet marginalised profession in Brazil, as Brazilian cities lack formal recycling programmes. For the Rio Olympic Games, 240 waste pickers from 33 of Rio’s waste collecting co-operatives have been officially contracted to take care of the recyclable waste – taking plastic bottles and aluminium cans to a depot to be sorted, stored and sold on by co-ops to scrap merchants. They will be operating on three of the four Olympic sites: Maracana, Olympic Park and Deodoro. The profits from the sales of the recycled goods will be shared between the workers on top of a fixed daily salary by the Olympic Committee. A percentage of the profits will also be used to invest in new equipment.

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International Member Institutions


The Green Dot was first started to be used in Germany between the years 1990 - 1991 for identifying packagings within a special collection system called the Green Dot System. The Green Dot sign started to be used in Germany was furthermore started to be used in France, Austria and Belgium in the forthcoming years. Upon the Green Dot sign becoming widespread in EU member countries, the "Packaging Recovery Organization Europe - PRO Europe" was established in 1995 and the Green Dot became the official sign of the organization. The Green Dot has become an internationally reputable model contributing to the performance of industrial liability of the companies included in the system adopting the "polluter pays" principle. When you see a "Green Dot" sign on a package, this means that a financial contribution has been made for that packaging to the packaging recovery Corporation established in accordance with the principles defined with the EU Regulation numbered 94/62 with regard to packaging and packaging waste.


EXPRA - EXTENDED PRODUCER RESPONSIBILITY ALLIANCE EXPRA EXTENDED PRODUCER RESPONSIBILITY ALLIANCE, is a non-profit and an umbrella organization founded in 2013 with regard to the recovery of packaging and packaging waste recovery under the obligation of industry. The purpose of the establishment of EXPRA is to become an authorized voice and common platform representing the packaging waste recovery corporations founded and operated by and on behalf of the member marketers. Producer responsibility model is one of the European Union and other political targets in many countries. In more than 30 countries throughout the World, the industry uses the producer responsibility for the collection and enabling the recovery of domestic waste. Today, there are eighteen countries member to EXPRA working pursuant to this objective: Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Canada, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and turkey represented by the ÇEVKO Foundation.


ISWA The International Solid Waste Association  ISWA is a non-profit independent organization working in order to encourage and develop sustainable waste management throughout the World. ISWA, having more than 1000 members from 70 different countries, has a wide and extensive network with regard to solid waste management. ISWA carries out its works with regard to solid waste management projects it has put into practice in order to to encourage and develop sustainable waste management throughout the World in cooperation with many local and international corporations. At ISWA, to which we became a member in 2010 as ÇEVKO Foundation, while we share our knowledge and experience regarding the packaging waste recovery we have been carrying out with success within the framework of Regulation on Packaging Waste Control in Turkey, we also get in touch with ISWA member persons and corporations and act in cooperation with common objectives.