CEVKO at ISWA World Congress CEVKO at ISWA World Congress

The most important expert conference that ISWA organizes is the annual ISWA World Congress. This is an event that brings together in one place and connects all the parties interested in the global problem of solid waste. Every year, representatives of scientific and expert community, representatives of global corporations from this area and political and state officials actively participate in the World Congress. After 30 years, the International Solid Waste Association has, for the first time, entrusted a country from Southeast Europe to organize the World Congress. This time, over 1300 participants from 72 countries joined the World Congress in Novi Sad.

VIII. Küresel Isınma Kurultayı bu yıl İzmir’de yapılacak VIII. Küresel Isınma Kurultayı bu yıl İzmir’de yapılacak

Ekonomi Gazetecileri Derneği'nin, iklim değişikliği ve çevre sorunlarına yönelik olarak kamuoyunun dikkatini çekmek için başlattığı Küresel Isınma Kurultayı çalışmaları devam ediyor. Bu yıl, Küresel Isınma Kurultayı, Fas'ın Marakeş kentinde 7-18 Kasım tarihlerinde gerçekleştirilecek Birleşmiş Milletler İklim Değişikliği Çerçeve Sözleşmesi (COP22) 22. Taraflar Konferansı'nın hemen ardından yapılacak. 30 Kasım günü İzmir'de Alsancak'taki tarihi Havagazı Fabrikası'nda gerçekleştirilecek kurultay, gazetecilerin ve iş dünyası temsilcilerinin yer alacağı iki oturum halinde düzenlenecek. Ekonomi Gazetecileri Derneği üyelerine çevre, iklim değişikliği, enerji gibi alanlarda daha sağlıklı ve düzenli bilgi akışı sağlamak üzere etkin hale getirilen www.iklimekonomisi.org sitesi de bu yıl kurultay etkinliklerine destek verecek.

More Consumer Events with ÇEVKO and Söke Municipality Collaboration More Consumer Events with ÇEVKO and Söke Municipality Collaboration

A recycling event took place with the collaboration of ÇEVKO Foundation and Söke Municipality Sanitation Directorate at Söke Novada Outlet, to which famous star Zeliha Sunal contributed with her jovial and interactive presentation.   This musical event which was organised to raise awareness in recycling, attracted the attention of the participants, particularly children. ÇEVKİ the environmentalist cat’s animation performance and dances, the rythm orchestra composed of instruments made of recyclable material, and songs by Zeliha Sunal were a part of the event where the use of waste collecting tools were demonstrated to the audience entertainingly.

Environment Teams in the Field at Konak Environment Teams in the Field at Konak

ÇEVKO Foundation and Konak Municipality collaborated in an event to raise awareness in the recycling of packaging waste, and within this project, teams went round homes and businesses one by one informing people on the topic.   BEING INFORMED BY THE YOUTHS “Let’s be responsible. Let’s leave a healthy environment to future generations” is the slogan of the project in which voluntary environmentalist youths took part, their first stop being the Hatay district. Here they went from door to door handing out flyers explaining recycling, and asked the household not to put packaging waste in the garbage, but to collect it in a separate bag, which would be picked up on certain days at a certain hour by teams of Konak Municipality. ÇEVKO volunteers were thanked by the inhabitants for such an important task, following a momentary astonishment at seeing them at their doorstep. 

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The Green Dot was first started to be used in Germany between the years 1990 - 1991 for identifying packagings within a special collection system called the Green Dot System. The Green Dot sign started to be used in Germany was furthermore started to be used in France, Austria and Belgium in the forthcoming years. Upon the Green Dot sign becoming widespread in EU member countries, the "Packaging Recovery Organization Europe - PRO Europe" was established in 1995 and the Green Dot became the official sign of the organization. The Green Dot has become an internationally reputable model contributing to the performance of industrial liability of the companies included in the system adopting the "polluter pays" principle. When you see a "Green Dot" sign on a package, this means that a financial contribution has been made for that packaging to the packaging recovery Corporation established in accordance with the principles defined with the EU Regulation numbered 94/62 with regard to packaging and packaging waste. http://www.pro-e.org


EXPRA - EXTENDED PRODUCER RESPONSIBILITY ALLIANCE EXPRA EXTENDED PRODUCER RESPONSIBILITY ALLIANCE, is a non-profit and an umbrella organization founded in 2013 with regard to the recovery of packaging and packaging waste recovery under the obligation of industry. The purpose of the establishment of EXPRA is to become an authorized voice and common platform representing the packaging waste recovery corporations founded and operated by and on behalf of the member marketers. Producer responsibility model is one of the European Union and other political targets in many countries. In more than 30 countries throughout the World, the industry uses the producer responsibility for the collection and enabling the recovery of domestic waste. Today, there are eighteen countries member to EXPRA working pursuant to this objective: Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Canada, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and turkey represented by the ÇEVKO Foundation. http://www.expra.eu


ISWA The International Solid Waste Association  ISWA is a non-profit independent organization working in order to encourage and develop sustainable waste management throughout the World. ISWA, having more than 1000 members from 70 different countries, has a wide and extensive network with regard to solid waste management. ISWA carries out its works with regard to solid waste management projects it has put into practice in order to to encourage and develop sustainable waste management throughout the World in cooperation with many local and international corporations. At ISWA, to which we became a member in 2010 as ÇEVKO Foundation, while we share our knowledge and experience regarding the packaging waste recovery we have been carrying out with success within the framework of Regulation on Packaging Waste Control in Turkey, we also get in touch with ISWA member persons and corporations and act in cooperation with common objectives. http://www.iswa.org