Cooperation of ÇEVKO Foundation and the Association of Economy Journalists for A Sustainable Environment
ÇEVKO Foundation has widely carried into our country the circular economy model, which has an important place on the world agenda. The foundation’s 4th workshop was held at the 10th meeting of the Association of Economy Journalists with a panel where the issue was discussed through the eyes of the members of the press.



Climate Change Is Not A Process That We Will Go Through In The Future, It Is What We Are In Today
ÇEVKO Foundation Deputy Chairperson Fügen Soykut pointed out that climate change was not a phenomenon of the near or distant future but of today. She drew attention to the importance of awareness and action to leave a livable world to future generations and said that instead of the “Consume-Throw Away” concept we should adopt the circular economy system, which includes the processes of “sustainable production-sustainable consumption-recycling. She added, “Natural resource saving and lower environmental impact should be supported by a sustainable economic system.”

In the second session of the assembly, which was organized under the heading “How Does Climate Change Affect The Economy” and moderated by Hasan Aslan-Anadolu Agency Financial News Assistant Editor and Vice President of EGD, the General Secretary of ÇEVKO Foundation, Meter İmer was among the speakers.

İmer pointed out that the Circular Economy model, which is a relatively new concept in the world but whose significance on the agenda is steadily increasing, carried importance from the perspective of converting waste into resource. He gave information on the EU Circular Economy Package that includes a comprehensive action plan alongside suggestions for the amendments to be made on waste regulations.

İmer also said that ÇEVKO Foundation was among the business organizations leading the studies for introducing the Circular Economy model in our country. He went on, “Following the congress that took place last year, we held a series of workshops in 2018, which brought together the public, business organizations, private companies, and representatives of the media. After the workshops on New Plastic Economy, EU Circular Economy Package, and Financial Mechanisms For Transition to Circular Economy, we have organised our ‘Circular Economy Through The Eyes of The Press’ themed workshop in collaboration with EGD. We hereby extend our gratitude to Mr Celal Toprak, Mr Hasan Arslan and to EGD management and members. We will continue our leadership on ideas for Circular Economy.”