Sarten donated its ‘Endless Recycle’ themed “Metal Packaging Wall” project, which it exibited at the Eurasia Packaging Fair together with Metal Packaging Europe, to Kızılay (Red Crescent). The CEO of Sarten Ambalaj, Zeki Sarıbekir said that the previous year they had prepared “Metal Packaging Wall” as a joint project with the non-government organization Metal Packaging Europe and displayed a ‘guitar made from metal packaging’. He added that they were continuing with the project this year as well.

Sarıbekir pointed out that the theme of the project this year was ‘endless recycling’ and in order to attract the attention of the visitors, they put up a ‘Metal Packaging Wall’ themed ‘Endless Recycling’ in the fairground. He said that the project which consisted of metal packages containing tuna fish provided by Sarten was donated to Kızılay when the fair ended, and this way, 4,000 packages of tuna would be delivered to the needy. He thanked the Güngören Branch President of the Turkish Red Crescent Erhan Tan for their support during the process.
While 640 kilos of tuna fish were used on the Metal Packaging Wall, with the donation to Kızılay, an average four-person family will have 1,600 meals provided for them.