The 4th Food Conference, supported by ÇEVKO Foundation as the bronze sponsor, turned into a platform where all the shareholders of the food sector discussed sustainable food supply and food consumption.

At the conference, Alphan Eröztürk, Director of Public and Foreign Affairs of ÇEVKO Foundation, spoke at the “Managing Food Waste With Zero Waste Target” session and pointed out that the relationship between food and packaging was currently one of the most frequently asked topics. Eröztürk continued, “The packaging used in the transport and preservation of the food is important for the prevention of food waste. We should keep in mind that in order to protect the environment and our resources, the packaging should be collected separately at the source and be recycled. As ÇEVKO Foundation, we are doing our work at exactly this point.”

Eröztürk also said that the perspective of waste and waste management was changing in Turkey. He stressed the importance of reducing the amount of packaging and sending the used packagings to recycling. He ended his talk with “In order to maintain a healthy and sustainable recycling system in Turkey, consumers must also act responsibly and collect packaging waste separately.”