Sarıyer Municipality organised the 2nd Environment and Art Days on 7th and 8th September in Kilyos. Many environmentalists from Turkey and around the world, artists and non-governmental organizations (STK) including ÇEVKO Foundation took part in the event.

Environmental activists, artists, sculptors, students, art enhusiasts, environmentalist associations, platform and initiatives all came together at the festival, where various environmentalist activities from baking vegan cakes to sand art, from sand lilies to “pedalling for the nature”, from coastal cleaning to concerts and workshops took place.

ÇEVKO Foundation opened a stand to give information while at the same time giving support to the forward-cycling workshops with Zeliha Sunal’s Waste-free Life Platform. Sunal emphasized the importance of recycling and demonstrated how to make use of pet and glass bottles, jars, soda bottle lids, beverage cans.