L’Oréal Turkey, a member of ÇEVKO Foundation has been organizing a worldwide Citizen Day since 2010. One day of the year employees come together to contribute to the community and the environment. And this year in Turkey the event took place on 19th September, Wednesday. In addition to the coastal cleaning, the employees put up shelters for stray animals.

The 185 employees of L’Oréal Turkey took a boat from İstanbul to Kınalıada and spent the first half of the day cleaning up in four different locations that had been determined beforehand. Those who cleaned the forest road and the coastline collected approximately 1 ton of garbage. In the afternoon the employees made shelters for the street animals, painted the shelters, and left food at the feding points for stray cats and dogs.

General Manager of L’Oréal Turkey Laurent Duffier also took part in the cleaning activity with his co-workers. He said, “We can all do something to improve the environment and community we live in. Citizen Day is important in that it helps us as the employees of L’Oréal to understand this beter.”

Since 2010 L’Oréal Turkey employees have volunteered in various activities such as preparing workshops for those who need them, renovating centers that host the elderly and/or disadvantaged persons or helping job seekers to write up their CV, created different projects in collaboration with many non-governmental organizations. In 2017 L’Oréal Citizen Day took place in 70 countries. Over 30,000 L’Oréal employees worldwide created 1450 projects serving different purposes, and 370,000 people benefited from these voluntary works.