L’Oréal continues to share with the public its targets regarding sustainability with its micro website www.guzelligiherkeslepaylasmak.com 

L’Oréal’s Sustainability Programme Sharing Beauty With All, which was started in 2013, is an important part of the social responsibility approach of L’Oreal, and the aim is to create a positive impact on the community and environment all over the world.

This programme defines L’Oréal’s sustainability commitments under four headings: Sustainable Innovation, Sustainable Production, Sustainable Life, and Sustainable Development.

Global and Turkey results of L’Oreal sustainability reports, detailed information and figures can be reached at the website.

L’Oréal Global 2020 Sustainability Targets:
. 100% of the products will carry positive environmental and social properties.
. CO2 emission from factories and distribution centers will definitely be reduced by 60% compared to 2005.
. CO2 emission resulting from the transporting of the goods will be reduced by 20% compared to 2011.
. Water consumption for each sales product will be reduced by 60% compared to 2005.
. Waste rate for each sales product will be reduced by 60% compared to 2005.
. In communities with limited resources work will be provided for more than 100,000 people by 2020.