The Turkey leg of the World Rally Championship (WRC) was in Turkey after a long time and brought together ÇEVKO Foundation, Turkey Automobile Sports Federation, and Marmaris Municipality in an eco-friendly event.
During the competition which was held between 13th-16th September, 90 recycling bins, pet bottle collecting cages, glass collecting bins, bins for special waste, and indoor recycling boxes were placed on the racing track, viewing platform, and service points, owing to which, packaging waste was collected seperately at its source, and substantial environmental benefits were achieved with the recycling of 22,5 tons of waste.


According to the WRC Rally Turkey Environmental Benefit Report, the environmental benefits  of the recycled 22,5 tons of packaging waste are as follows:

• With the recycling of 9,75 tons of paper, cardboard, and composite packaging waste, 166 trees were saved from being cut down, which is approximately 3,3 acres of forest area.
• With the recycling of 6,75 tons of plastic packaging waste, nearly 5,076 litres of petrol was saved. This amount is enough to fill the tanks of almost 113 vehicles.
• The recycled 9,75 tons of paper, cardboard, composite packaging waste led to a saving of 258 m3 water, which is equal to the yearly water consumption of 4 families.
• With the recycling of packaging waste, there was a 127,400 kW.hour electricity saving, which is equal to the yearly electricity consumption of 46 families.
• By recycling packaging waste instead of burying it, 135 m3 storage area was saved.
• The reduction of carbon emission is 14,9 tons, which is equal to the emission of a vehicle that has been driven for 55,346 km.

Mete İmer, ÇEVKO Foundation General Secretary, said that there has been an increase in taking action in high level sports organizations especially in natural areas and representation awareness, and went on, “Our collaboration with the Turkey Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED) has presented the opportunity to create awareness of recycling and reach thousands of people in the Turkey leg of this world famous organization. In addition to this, significant and substantial environmental benefits have been achieved.”
İmer emphasized the fact that ÇEVKO Foundation was the first organization authorized by the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for the recycling of packaging waste and said, “The foundation has been working for 27 years for sustainable and systematic recycling of which we are the pioneers; we are also taking the lead in joint sense – joint action activities. The visionary initiative of TOSFED and our collaboration will set an example for the whole world with the environmental and economic benefits they will provide.