Head&Shoulders organized a coastal cleaning activity in Kilyos in collaboration with ÇEVKO Foundation, CarrefourSa, and Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) to draw attention to the combat with the pollution in our seas. Serenay Sarıkaya, the brand face of Head&Shoulders, also took part in the event.

Head&Shoulders had previously taken the first step towards environmental awareness by putting on sale at the CarrefourSA stores the “World’s First Recycled Shampoo Bottle” – a bottle of which 20% was made from plastic waste collected from the sea – while at the same time placing containers for collecting plastic waste at the CarrefourSA stores, the leading retail brand in Turkey.

P&G produces the bottles of half a million hair care products from recycled plastic every year; and aims to meet 20% of the production of shampoo bottles in Europe from recycled plastic waste by the end of 2018. Hence, more than 500 million bottles will be sent to recycling.