The 30th Samsung Boğaziçi Intercontinental Swimming Competition organized by the Turkish Olympic Committee took place on 21st -22nd July with the participation of swimmers from 52 countries. The competition, which was elected “The World’s Best Open Water Swimming Organization” has been contributing to the promotion of İstanbul and Turkey for 30 years, and this year a total of 2,400 swimmers from home and abroad signed up for this important event from Asia to Europe starting at Kanlıca and ending at Kuruçeşme Cemil Topuzlu Park.

Thousands of sports fans watched the race in excitement and the packaging wastes were collected with the collaboration of ÇEVKO Foundation and the Beşiktaş Municipality. ÇEVKO also informed the athletes and the fans on recycling at its stand, drawing attention with a promotion “Bring your packaging waste, take away your cap.”

During the races, 240 kg of plastic, 280 kg of paper/cardboard, 20 kg of metal, and 60 kg of glass waste were collected. The environmental benefit as a result of the recycling of this waste was calculated as;

- 2835 kWh electricity saving
- 7 cubic meters of water saving
- gaining of 5 trees
- 0,4 tons of CO2 reduction (equal to the use of a car for 1493 km)

Our new public spot shot in the event

Our public spot “Don’t Just Be an Audience” prepared by ÇEVKO Foundation and produced by Güven Islamoğlu from CNN Türk is on air! This year we did the shootings during the 30th Boğaziçi Swimming Competitions whose recycling activities we have been supporting, and drew attention to the plastic pollution in the seas.