Approximately eight thousand teachers participated in the Training of The Trainer Seminars within the scope of training studies of ÇEVKO Foundation going on since 2009. With the educational activities of the foundation since 2005, the number of students reached has exceeded 818,000. ÇEVKO Foundation holds these seminars for the teachers of primary and secondary schools in the collaborating municipalities with the permission of National Education Directorates and the support of the related municipalities. The agenda of these seminars are “Problems caused by waste in Turkey, the importance of recycling, methods of recycling, the historical development of recycling, the system of recycling.” At the same time the trainees learn about the works of ÇEVKO Foundation, the website and the training set distributed to the teachers.

With these trainings that have been organized all over Turkey for 9 years 7,968 teachers have been approached. Teachers attending the seminars receive the trainer’s training handbook, educational books prepared specifically for primary school students, and the ÇEVKO Foundation Educational Set, which includes an enlightening DVD, alongside the Certificate of Participation to the Training of the Trainer Seminar.

ÇEVKO Foundation also has different educational activities that target getting through to the students who have reached the age of education the importance of recycling, what they must do on this subject as individuals, and make recycling a part of their daily lives. Since 2005, when ÇEVKO Foundation became an authorized organization, it has approached an average of 55,000 students per year, and the total number of students so far is said to be 818,467. Apart from these activities, the foundation gives trainings to adults as well in order to establish social consciousness.