Another member of ÇEVKO Foundation, PepsiCo, is putting into practice environment friendly applications for a clean and livable world. The company has adjusted its business processes in a way to be considerate towards the environment, and within the scope of this vision named Benefit-Oriented Performance, is in the act of taking important steps towards a healthy future under the headings products, man, and world.

The General Manager of PepsiCo Turkey, Levent Yüksel made a speech in the scope of the World Environment Day on 5th June, and said, “As PepsiCo Turkey, with our environment friendly applications we are using the resources most efficiently while making a meaningful contribution to the creation of a sustainable ecosystem. Some of our major steps are as follows: Owing to our Resource Protection teams in our factories, we have substantially reduced the amount of our operational water consumption.

We have reduced by 23,5% the amount of water used per liter in the Turkey beverage operations since 2009. In the same period, we made a reduction of 22% in the amount of water produced per kilogram in our food operations. We became the first business unit to receive the WWF Turkey Green Office Diploma among all the PepsiCo offices in the world. We have also reduced the flow of water used in the wash basins, we have optimized the heating, cooling, and lighting systems.”

We have reached our zero waste target in our factories in Kocaeli, Tarsus, İzmir, and Adana

Yüksel emphasized the fact that all stakeholders have important tasks to do for a clean and livable world. He said, “Parallel to our global targets, we have reached our zero waste goal in Kocaeli, Tarsus, İzmir, Adana, and Çorlu factories. With projects started in 2015 by our beverage factories, we saved a yearly 310 tons of plastic, and 441 tons of paper. With our returnable parcel application, we reused 2 or 3 times the parcels used in the carrying of the products at our food factories, thus reduced the amount of parcel-based waste at a ratio of 2/3.”

In order to make the food production system more sustainable in the world, PepsiCo has expanded significantly the Positive Water Effect Program, and is now continuing with efforts to increase the scope of procurement activities, to use smarter packaging materials, and to reduce the carbon footprint.

The Sustainability File Has Been Published
PepsiCo has prepared the Sustainability File within the activities of the World Environment Day to be shared with the employees and business partners. You can access PepsiCo’s sustainability activities and the Turkey Sustainability File where there is a summary of the Turkey performance with examples at