ÇEVKO Foundation believes that training young minds for recovery of packaging waste by collection separately at the source is a significant investment for the future. Acting with this understanding since its inception, ÇEVKO Foundation has disseminated consciousness of recovery in teachers and students by training sessions held by its specialist teams.

ÇEVKO Foundation is uninterruptedly continuing with its "training the trainer" programmes for the teachers shaping the future generations within the scope of "Recovery for the Future" project which was put into practice in cooperation with the Ministry of Education in 2009.

Aiming to reach out to young individuals through their teachers beginning in the year 2009-2010, has put into practice the project "Recovery for the Future", approved by Ministry of Education of the Republic of Turkey. It has transferred its know-how and experience on the subject of recovery to teachers through the "Training the Trainer" program within the "Recovery for the Future" project.

The " Recovery for the Future" project, practiced throughout Turkey, covers primary school teachers at points of separate collection of packaging waste in municipal administrations in cooperation with ÇEVKO Foundation.

For detailed information regarding the training studies, please visit the web site www.cevkococuk.org.