Seyirci Kalmayın Kamu Spotumuz Yayında! Seyirci Kalmayın Kamu Spotumuz Yayında!

ÇEVKO Vakfı ve CNN Türk iş birliği ile Güven İslamoğlu ve ekibi tarafından hazırlanan yeni kamu spotu yayına girdi. Çekimleri bir satış noktası ve toplama ayırma tesisinde gerçekleştirilen kamu spotunda Güven İslamoğlu, piyaraya süren firmaların ambalaj atıklarını toplama yükümlülüğünden, tüketimin giderek arttığı günümüzde yaşanabilir bir dünya bırakmak için geri dönüşümün öneminden ve Yeşil Nokta işaretinin ambalajı piyasaya süren firmanın geri dönüşümle ilgili mali yükümlülüğünü yerine getirdiğinden bahsediyor ve tüketicileri geri dönüşüm konusunda duyarlı olmaya davet ediyor.  Filmi buradan  izleyebilirsiniz.  

Recycling Project for Syrian Refugees Recycling Project for Syrian Refugees

The project being carried out for one year in collaboration with ÇEVKO, United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and the Department of Disaster and Emergency Management under the Prime Minister (AFAD) to instill the idea of recycling in the refugees living in temporary accommodation areas in Şanlıurfa and Kilis, has been completed.  Following the completion of the project, closing meetings were held to bring all stakeholders, supporting public institutions, and the project teams in Şanlıurfa and Gaziantep. The project carried out in the refugee camps in Viranşehir, Ceylanpınar, Akçakale, and Harran of Şanlıurfa, and Elbeyli and Öncüpınar of Kilis reached nearly 90% of the refugees. Those who were present at the closing meeting in Gaziantep were Fatma Şahin, Mayor of Gaziantep; senior officials of AFAD, UNDP, and ÇEVKO; managers and employees of Gazi Kültür A.Ş.; project coordinators and teams, and Syrian refugee women. Detailed information about the project was given alongside a film showing the activities carried out at the camps; at the end of the meeting a plaque of gratitude was presented to all who had supported the project. Finally there was a tour of an exhibition of handicrafts made by the refugee women from recyclable materials, and pictures drawn by the refugee children.

ÇEVKO Foundation Continues To Create Awareness Hand in Hand With Launchers ÇEVKO Foundation Continues To Create Awareness Hand in Hand With Launchers

In July we added new activities to those carried out with Ford Otosan, Nestle, and Daikin, and to the projects we have been doing hand in hand with the launchers, as well as the events we organized for their employees.   Recycling Heroes Festival With Ford Otosan The “My Heart Is With You” team of voluntary workers of Ford Otosan entertained the children and their families from Gölcük on 8th July Saturday at the “Recycling Heroes Festival” which they put together with Gölcük District National Education Directorate, ÇEVKO Foundation, Gölcük Municipality, and Tanrıkulu Recycling Group.  The festival, which was held at the Gölcük Anıt Park Square, was open to the public, and the families of Gölcük were informed on recycling via various games and competitions. The residents of Gölcük showed great interest to the festival and participation was high.   Winners of the competitions at the festival received ÇEVKO colouring and story books.  

A Recyclable Love Story from Coca-Cola A Recyclable Love Story from Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is signing up for a big sustainability campaign to encourage consumers in the United Kingdom to recycle plastic bottles.   This campaign called “Love Story”, by Ogilvy and Mather Berlin is about two beverage bottles, one Fanta and the other Coke Zero Sugar, who are never separated from each other due to being continuously recycled. At the end of the film, a background voice calls out to the consumers to recycle Coca-Cola brand products.   Coca-Cola UK marketing director Aedamar Howlett pointed out that all their packagings were recyclable, and that they were serious in their attempts to encourage people to recycle waste. Their target is the recycling of 100% of the products. Lucy Barry, an artist from Berlin is the creator of the commercial prepared in the format of stop-motion animation, in which 1,500 plastic bottles were used. You can watch the film clicking here.    Source : MediaCat Online  

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International Member Institutions


The Green Dot was first started to be used in Germany between the years 1990 - 1991 for identifying packagings within a special collection system called the Green Dot System. The Green Dot sign started to be used in Germany was furthermore started to be used in France, Austria and Belgium in the forthcoming years. Upon the Green Dot sign becoming widespread in EU member countries, the "Packaging Recovery Organization Europe - PRO Europe" was established in 1995 and the Green Dot became the official sign of the organization. The Green Dot has become an internationally reputable model contributing to the performance of industrial liability of the companies included in the system adopting the "polluter pays" principle. When you see a "Green Dot" sign on a package, this means that a financial contribution has been made for that packaging to the packaging recovery Corporation established in accordance with the principles defined with the EU Regulation numbered 94/62 with regard to packaging and packaging waste.


EXPRA - EXTENDED PRODUCER RESPONSIBILITY ALLIANCE EXPRA EXTENDED PRODUCER RESPONSIBILITY ALLIANCE, is a non-profit and an umbrella organization founded in 2013 with regard to the recovery of packaging and packaging waste recovery under the obligation of industry. The purpose of the establishment of EXPRA is to become an authorized voice and common platform representing the packaging waste recovery corporations founded and operated by and on behalf of the member marketers. Producer responsibility model is one of the European Union and other political targets in many countries. In more than 30 countries throughout the World, the industry uses the producer responsibility for the collection and enabling the recovery of domestic waste. Today, there are eighteen countries member to EXPRA working pursuant to this objective: Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Canada, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and turkey represented by the ÇEVKO Foundation.


ISWA The International Solid Waste Association  ISWA is a non-profit independent organization working in order to encourage and develop sustainable waste management throughout the World. ISWA, having more than 1000 members from 70 different countries, has a wide and extensive network with regard to solid waste management. ISWA carries out its works with regard to solid waste management projects it has put into practice in order to to encourage and develop sustainable waste management throughout the World in cooperation with many local and international corporations. At ISWA, to which we became a member in 2010 as ÇEVKO Foundation, while we share our knowledge and experience regarding the packaging waste recovery we have been carrying out with success within the framework of Regulation on Packaging Waste Control in Turkey, we also get in touch with ISWA member persons and corporations and act in cooperation with common objectives.